The Beckhams ‘Have It All’… So They’re Giving Some Of It To Charity For The Philippines Typhoon Victims

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david beckham victoria beckham london 9.16.2013

I really hate the phrase “they have it all”–it solely belongs on the cover of Cosmo— but, seriously, the Beckhams have it all. David is one of the most famous soccer players ever. Victoria made the seemingly impossible transition from girl group pop star to legitimate fashion designer. They have FOUR kids without looking like frumpy What Not To Wear candidates. And one of those kids is the cutest little girl ever. So, yes, I would say “have it all” fits here, and as if that wasn't enough they had to go and donate a ton of their clothes to raise money for victims of Typhoon Haiyan.

According to a source from the British Red Cross, “We asked if they would like to help us raise money for the Typhoon Haiyan survivors and they jumped at the chance.” The Beckhams donated twenty boxes of their clothing, shoes, and David's caps, which were sold at the Kensington and Chelsea Red Cross Shop this morning. It might seem silly and you might think “Why buy Victoria Beckhams old stuff when I can just donate to the Red Cross?” “Um… because it's Posh Spice's old stuff!” is how the loads of people who were there would respond. I think it's a great idea. It gets people involved who may not have been otherwise because, hey! designer clothes!, plus it brings more attention to the need to donate period.

As for the actual clothes, some of them are pretty funny. Most of the donations are dated to the days before Posh became all minimalist fashion designer, so there's things like denim and snakeskin boots with “Victoria” bedazzled on the side, a lot of strappy jeweled Jimmy Choos, and my personal favorite, a hoodie that says “Spice Girls” on the back. It looks super unassuming, just white with black lettering. I imagine people saying, “Why are you wearing that old Spice Girls hoodie? Did you make that yourself?” And I'd say, “Um… this was literally Posh Spice's AND the sale benefited victims of Typhoon Haiyan, so shut it!”

Weird imagined scenarios of wearing Posh Spice's clothes aside, Victoria has spoken out saying, “David and I are supporting the Red Cross Shop Drop for the Philippines campaign and we urge everyone in Britain to do the same”. I think we can assume by “everyone in Britain” she means “everyone everywhere.” So listen to the lady and get to it! Even if you don't get to wear her sparkly boots.

(Photos: Daniel Deme/WENN.com)