Victoria Beckham Insists Her Family Is ‘Normal,’ If Only All Normal Families Were That Good Looking

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The Beckham family LAX June 2013

When I think of a normal, typical, every day family I think of Sears family portraits and time-outs and sliced hot dogs.  I do not think of the strikingly gorgeous, physically flawless Beckham family.  Even their kids are Burberry models, for God's sake.  I refuse to believe that the Beckham children even know what an awkward phase entails.  Regardless, Victoria Beckham insists her family is “much more normal” than you'd think in the new Australian Vogue, especially now that David Beckham has retired after a 15 year soccer career.

‘We’re all so proud of David.  Having supported him at clubs all over the world for the past 15 years and seen how he has been an inspiration not just to me and the children but also to millions of people, we are now just really excited at the prospect of spending more time as a family.  Honestly, once the children are in bed I’d rather work or shove on a face pack and pluck my eyebrows.”

Okay I don't have kids, but when I come home from work and finally get my hyperactive dog to settle down the last thing on my mind is working or plucking my eyebrows–I'm more of a “let's eat Puff Corn and watch Bravo” kind of gal myself, but I get what Victoria's saying.

It would just be much more believable that the Beckhams were a “normal” family if David went bald or Victoria wore Crocs.  Or if Romeo, Cruz, and Brooklyn Beckham were named Jaden, Braden, and Caden.  Or if Harper Beckham didn't have more style and pinache at two years old than I have ever had in my nearly three decades on this planet.

Regardless, I'm fond of the Beckham family.  So fond, in fact, I'm convincing my own family to step up their game so we can land a spot in the Sunday paper coupon book, or a Sears ad.

(Photo: WENN)