VH1 Investigates: Are Men Funny?

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VH1 did a funny and subversive thing at last week's Comedy Awards. They sent a crew to the red carpet to interview comedy celebs, asking them two questions: “Are men funny?” and “Why aren't there more men in comedy?” The queries were, of course, a response to the pervasive “are women funny” articles and panels and just plain old dumb conversations that continue to choke the comedy landscape.

The thing is? Not everyone interviewed here understood that. What's interesting about this video is that many of the men interviewed, including Will Farrell, Louis C.K. and Adam McKay, didn't seem to realize the angle VH1 was taking. It seems the only people who understood that the interviewers were addressing the issue of women in comedy were Rob Corddry, who played along the whole time, and Kristen Schaal, the sole woman featured in the video.

And there we have it, don't we? The reason videos like this are, unfortunately, still relevant.