Courtney Stodden Gets Kicked Off Couples Therapy For Inappropriate Attire, Compares Self To Erin Brockovich

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For anyone curious as to how Courtney Stodden and Doug Hutchison‘s couples therapy is progressing on Couples Therapy, here's your answer: it isn't.

After repeatedly refusing to cover her naked teen body so that the other couples could concentrate on their progress, child bride Courtney Stodden was asked to leave the show on last night's episode, along with her aging paramour. This came after repeated attempts on the part of her fellow cast members to help her dress in a slightly less distracting fashion, after which she dressed up like a nun in protest, and then took most of her clothes off again.

Upon learning she'd been evicted, Courtney said:

“You should be who you wanna be…I guess you could call me the 21st century Erin Brockovich, that's me.”

Because fighting for your right to be naked during televised therapy sessions is totes the same thing as fighting for the rights of people who got cancer from polluted drinking water!

But don't worry, I have a feeling Courtney and Doug will be back. Writes cast member Simon Van Kempen:

As Doug and Courtney left the house, you saw me genuinely wishing Doug the best hoping that he’d find whatever it was he was looking for in life. As a man just four years older than me, I could somewhat relate to Doug although fortunately I’ve not been as lost in life as he seemingly had to have been to fall for a 16-year-old. I didn’t participateat the faux wailing at the door when they went, I was just glad they’d gone.

In the previews you seem them returning and Dr. Jenn admonishing us all for the part we’d played in their departure. You can bet your bottom dollar that I’ve have a lot to say about that, next week.

Justice may yet prevail.

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