Veronica Mars Movie Reaches Kickstarter Goal In 10 Hours, Movie Execs Everywhere Get Ideas

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Veronica Mars

In news that proves die-hard fans of something are probably willing to sacrifice their morning coffee, their cell phone service, and maybe even their first-born children if it means they will be entertained, the Veronica Mars movie is now officially happening. Yesterday it was announced that a movie version could be made if fans of the cult WB/CW show (lovingly nicknamed Marshmallows) donated money to a $2 million Kickstarter campaign within 30 days. Pfft, 30 days? Veronica Mars fans could fund 30 movies in 30 days (which sounds like a good movie idea, come to think of it — I called it!), because they reached the $2 million mark after only 10 hours. Said one imaginary person who had to sell all their belongings to contribute, “I'm now starting a Kickstarter campaign to fund my ticket for when the movie comes out next year, but it was worth it!”

People involved in the film, including creator Rob Thomas and Veronica herself, Kristen Bell, tweeted their excited reactions to the campaign's success.

Rob Thomas twitter

Kristen Bell twitter

And get ready to have your CW-lovin' mind blown, because Lauren Graham, aka LORELAI GILMORE, tweeted that she contributed to the fund. My 14-year-old self just got an unexplained chill. You'll understand soon enough, 14-year-old me!

I've personally never watched Veronica Mars, but I've had plenty of people pester me about it trying it, and I like Kristen Bell and her sloth obsession, so maybe I'll have to start before the movie comes out, which is expected to be in early 2014.

Needless to say, this was the biggest campaign in Kickstarter history, and it broke the record for reaching the $1 million. In other news, light bulbs just simultaneously appeared over movie execs' heads everywhere. They're pacing around their fancy offices as we speak, smoking their enormous cigars and adjusting their tiny glasses, rubbing their hands together and planning how they'll use crowd-funding to make their next movie. “We'll tell them Ryan Gosling will never make another film. That's it! And they'll have to donate. They won't be able to resist! It'll all go according to plan!”

We're all going to be broke in less than a year. But it's for entertainment!

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