Vera Farmiga Will Play Perhaps The Most Famous Mother In Cinema When She Torments Norman Bates In The Psycho TV Show

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Vera Farmiga Mrs. Bates Psycho TV show Norman Bates Taissa FarmigaVera Farmiga and Julianne Moore should seriously start a club: Kickass Actresses Who Play the Mothers of Psychos. Last week we got our first look at Julianne as Chloe Moretz‘s scarily-devout mom in the Carrie remake; and today we learn that Vera is playing Mrs. Bates in the Psycho TV show. I didn't even know this was a thing!

A&E is premiering a TV show called Bates Motel all about the infamous motel where a young woman meets her unfortunate fate in the shower… except this is a prequel from Lost‘s Carlton Cuse and Friday Night LightsKerry Ehrin, examining how Norman Bates ended up so damn disturbed. (They're already calling it a cross between Twin Peaks and Smallville. Yes. Yes.)

So, with a young Norman all ready to be twisted into a wig-donning killer, we shudder to think of what kinds of tortures Vera, as Mrs. Bates, will bring down upon her poor, loving son. It's clear that the writers want to give “Mother” more of a personality than we saw in the movie—you know, when we met her skeleton down in the basement. Vera's character is being described as “a complicated, passionate and compelling woman who's a smart, multidimensional character always capable of surprising people.” The fact that she meets a grisly end doesn't detract from the fact that this could be a fascinating character to play, especially since we've never seen things from her side before!

One request: Can we have Vera's little sister Taissa Farmiga play a young Mrs. Bates in flashback? She's already got the chops from season 1 of American Horror Story.

Photo: C.Smith/WENN.com