Ventimiglia Makes Dirty Deeds Watchable

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Milo Ventimiglia (Jess) is the only thing worth seeing in Dirty Deeds. The movie itself didn’t receive the hottest of reviews – but Milo did!

“An irreverent teen comedy can’t really ask for a better title than “Dirty Deeds.” Too bad it doesn’t deliver the goods. Besides throwing in the requisite bodily fluid and randy sex jokes, the film plays it remarkably safe. No stereotype is too hackneyed and no line is too embarrassingly lame for this pointless foray into the teenage mind.

As preposterous plots go, “Deeds” has a fun enough concept. The Friday before Homecoming, an intrepid (or foolish) West Valley High student will attempt to complete a list of 10 predetermined illegal or mildly shocking tasks within 12 hours.

Within the ledger of losers is one winner: the legendary Duncan Rime, who mysteriously disappeared after achieving his dubious notoriety. Now, jaded senior Zach (Milo Ventimiglia) has been reluctantly pulled into the all-night shenanigans in order to impress honor student Meg (Lacey Chabert) and protect her younger brother…

Ventimiglia has the Herculean task of making the film palatable,which he does to an extent. Of all the things that are wrong, he’s not one of them. “Gilmore Girls” and “American Dreams” fans can swoon over his crooked smile, and he shows more puckish humor than seen previously, especially for the third deed involving a loaf of bread.”


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