Move Over GIRLS, The Trailer For Season Two Of Veep Is Here

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Selina Meyer Julia Louis-DreyfusFirst of all let me say that if one more show I want to watch gets put on Sunday night, I'm gonna start breaking things. But that said, I couldn't be more excited that Veep is coming back in April. GIRLS is great and all, and I'm super-psyched to watch the first episode of season two that I missed because I was busy marveling over Amy Poehler and Tina Fey at last night's Golden Globes, but there's so much controversy about it, y'know? You either like Lena Dunham or you hate her, or, like me, you're jealous of her for going after and achieving success at the tender age of…oh yeah, my age. And they won two Golden Globes last night, so they don't need your support anymore! They've made it!

Veep, on the other hand, is the kind of show that really needs you. It was nominated last night, but didn't win, so you can feel trendy and cool like you've discovered a show that no one appreciates yet. Plus you can watch without stressing about anything except the fact that we ever allowed Julia Louis-Dreyfus to be off of television. Because she's SO. FUNNY. She plays Selina Meyer, an unconventional vice president, and the writing is so good and smart and funny and ohmygod you guys I love it.

That's just a little twinkle of all the magical mystical powers she has to make people laugh, but hopefully there's another more extensive trailer in the pipes that they'll bust out when the moment gets closer. but hopefully you've already seen all of season one, so all you really need is a cheerful reminder that it's coming back in April. April, did you hear me? APRIL. You will be watching or you will be punished. Punished with a lack of laughter.