7 Unanswered Questions We Hope Are Answered In Veep’s Season 3, In GIFs

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Tonight is the season three premiere of Veep on HBO, and I for one could not be more excited.  I spent some time this weekend re-watching episodes of season to refresh my memory of Selina Meyer‘s fantastic barbs and also the actual plot line to better prepare myself for tonight's episode.  I didn't realize I'd have so many unanswered questions that I am in dire need of answers to this season, the biggest one being “Who isn't watching this show yet, and what could possibly be their reasoning?!”  I know the acknowledging the talent Julia Louis-Dreyfuss possesses is nothing new, but gosh darn it if it isn't absolutely captivating to watch her in her comedic element.

I'm serious.  I think Veep is easily one of the best--if not the funniest–shows on television right now.  It's only 30 minutes long, so it definitely doesn't take up the amount of time and mental anguish that Game of Thrones does (everyone else is all “Winter is coming” today, and while I am obsessed with GoT, I wanted to holler at my fellow Veep lovers right now).  For those of you smart enough to be a fan of Selina and her team, please enjoy my curiosity of  the wonders to come.

1. Is POTUS really not running for a second term?




Because this guy changed his mind, like, three times during the season two finale. The excitement I felt for Selina when she exploded in glee in a supply closet at the White House was so real, and I need more.

2. Will there be hats?



I don't know about you, but Selina + campaign trail = so many opportunities for hats.  Her southern barbecue ensemble in season 2 left me wanting more.

3. Will Gary leave the campaign behind to run “Cheese Overseas?”



Look, I wouldn't want to piss off my knife-wielding, cheese-loving girlfriend if I were Gary either.  Dana (played by the amazing Jessica St. Clair) is more than a little scary.  Tony Hale, I would be even more lost without you than Selina.

4. Is POTUS real?



Will we ever see the actual President?  And will Selina still ask Sue if the President called?

5. Is Jonah (or, affectionately, “Jonad”) out of a job now? 



Because we would seriously miss the lecherous-but-fun appearances of the presidential liaison.  Okay, we'd really just miss Selina's Jonah puns.

6.  Who will become Selina's campaign manager?



Because while I absolutely adore the camaraderie/bickering between Amy and Dan, and the competition between them would make for classic Veep LOLs, I think we also need to come to terms with the fact that two other people could have a shot at it as well:





Either way, I know I for one cannot wait to see what Selina Meyers, incumbent Veep and POTUS candidate, has in store for us this season.  Happy watching!



(Lead GIF: Tumblr)