I Know There Is A God, Because He Made HBO Renew Veep

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Julia Louis-Dreyfuss Veep Season 2 screen shotI've been worried about a couple things today. One of them was that Veep wasn't gonna get renewed because it's on HBO and it stars no one by the name of Hannah Horvath, and the other was that there was no god. I just feel really alone in the universe and I still haven't won the lottery, that's the only thing. I could be totally wrong, y'know? And I am! I am wrong because today a beautiful message drifted down from the cloudless sky and settled itself comfortably on the internet, and it went a little something like this: Veep has been renewed for a third season!

Oh joy and rapture! Oh lovely Julia Louis-Dreyfus kicking off her shoes in the Oval Office and snapping at Tony Hale while he coos at her about cinnamon lattes! Oh precious Anna Chlumsky backing out of a door while apologizing, and everyone careening around corners and hating each other behind closed doors with big fake smiles to their faces! Hurray and hoopla for all of that, because we're getting it for an entire new season after this one is done. Praise the glorious HBO gods, for bringing me something for once that doesn't involve beheadings or pierced eardrums.

No but seriously, if you aren't watching Veep, I don't know what you're doing with your life, because it's truly amazing. The things that Julia Louis-Dreyfus does with the character of Selina Meyer are hilarious, and when I watch a half hour episode of her screaming at people, it gets my aggression out to the point that I don't get the impulse to hit someone with a rolled up newspaper on my whole commute to work! And that, my friends, is a genuine achievement.