Vanessa Hudgens Is Being Paid To Go To Coachella, Also To Breathe And Sleep

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Vanessa Hudgens attending Coachella Music Festival April 2012If there's a bigger waste of money than paying Vanessa Hudgens to go to Coachella, I'd honestly like to know what it is.

I'm sure Vanessa's a great brand ambassador and all, because she's one of the most highly-visible celebrities at the music festival and she goes to pretty much every day of it, but come onnnn guys. Let's think this through and not pay people to do things they were already planning on, yeah? Or do you already have some cash set aside for incentivizing eating and sleeping?

Coachella doesn't have a mascot, but if they did it would be Vanessa Hudgens in cutoffs and a white lace crop top, sporting those little round John Lennon sunglasses and a crown of daisies in her hair. That's how ubiquitous Vanessa is at Coachella. Far from paying her to be there, I'm not sure you could pay her to stay away.

Well, maybe McDonald's could. They're one of the only companies with the capital to fork out the millions of dollars it would take to purchase a team of wild horses to drag her from those grassy, weed-scented California hills. But they also happen to be the company paying her $15,000 to attend the festival, at least according to Confidenti@lSomehow they got the dollar amounts that celebrities are demanding to show up and do their part for product placement.

[Please note: A McDonald's representative has contacted Crushable to inform us that they ‘are not sponsoring Vanessa Hudgens for Coachella at all', so it's unclear where Confidenti@l got that information.]

According to them, Lea Michele is getting $20,000 to wear Lacoste, most likely as a joke, because never in my whole life have I seen a photo of someone wearing anything close to a tennis skirt or visor. But good on her for getting a deal, because there are more people still trying to sort theirs out. Tickets are being sold online for hundreds of dollars, but Aaron Paul apparently wants two VIP passes for free and an extra $15,000, Kate Bosworth is demanding ‘double that', whatever that means ($30,000 and four VIP passes?), and Joe Jonas wants somewhere under $20,000.

See what I mean, guys? If you give a moose a muffin…pretty soon he wants you to pay him to go to a D-List music festival.

(Photo: STS / WENN.com)