Vanessa Hudgens Went To Disneyland’s Exclusive Club, And The Toilet Really Impressed Her

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Vanessa Hudgens Went To Disneyland s Exclusive Club  And The Toilet Really Impressed Her Vanessa Hudgens jpg

I’ve been very perplexed by Vanessa Hudgens lately. She’s been making the rounds on all the talk shows promoting her new movie Spring Breakers. And it’s been … weird. Granted, in her newest appearance on Conan, she didn’t booty pop in front of an uncomfortable audience, and the show invited only her so she didn’t get upstaged by Selena Gomez. So that was good. She told an interesting Disney-related story, but she managed to put an odd Vanessa Hudgens spin on it right at the last second.

Allow me to explain. Conan O’Brien asks Vanessa if she’s still allowed at Disney since she decided to bring shame to the House of Mickey by dancing around in a bikini with James Franco. At first Vanessa jokes that she’s banned from the parks, and she makes a Gandalf “You shall not pass” joke that I was pleasantly surprised to witness coming from her. She even did the staff move, proving she’s actually watched the movie and didn’t just hear it from a nerd she met once. But then immediately after she makes that joke, she shakes her head as if she’s really disappointed in herself. Don’t hold back your inner nerd, Vanessa! It can be my Inception totem while I watch your interviews to confirm that you’re normal.

Vanessa then explains that she got into Disneyland’s exclusive Club 33, a restaurant that neither you nor I nor Conan O’Brien could ever get into. Vanessa likely got into the club by scanning the subdermal computer chip all the Disney stars receive. Or it might have just been that she went with her friend Sarah Hyland from Modern Family and Matt Prokop (who I just Googled to learn he was in High School Musical 3). Sarah had gotten her foot in the door when she filmed an episode at the Land. (That’s what the cool people call it.)

Vanessa talks about what a nice restaurant it is, and everything seems pretty normal. And then Vanessa whips out her weird card and talks about how excited she was to see the club’s toilet. She even brought a picture of herself posing with it, pointing to it as if it’s her BFF. It was the only picture she took there. When Conan asks her why she was so excited about the toilet, she pretty much ignores him and starts directing him to look at how cool the toilet is. Sure, it’s kind of a unique-looking toilet, but should she really be that excited about it? You should probably watch the video below to come up with your own theory. And then you can watch this video I found through the power of YouTube suggestions that gives you a brief glimpse of Vanessa and Sarah at the club. They’re very well-behaved and quiet in it. It’s not as exciting as seeing that toilet.