Vanessa Bayer Gave Miley Cyrus Tips On How To Be Miley Cyrus… MILEYCEPTION!

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Vanessa Bayer Conan Interview 2014

There are few things I love more than a good celebrity impression. It's pretty much my favorite non-edible thing ever. Of course, as accurate as the best celebrity impressions can seem, the person doing the impression is ultimately exaggerating a few things. So when you put the subject of the impression next to the impressionist, things can get weird. Not in a sexual way or anything, although I guess they could. But they can especially get weird if the subject of the impression is challenged to do an impression of themselves. Wait… what?

Don't worry, Vanessa Bayer went on Conan last night to explain things. You've probably seen her pretty cool impression of pop star and frequent naked person Miley Cyrus on SNL. Last year when Miley hosted — and caused us all to begrudgingly compliment her sketch comedy chops — she did a Vanessa-esque Miley Cyrus impression next to Vanessa. And not only that, but she asked Vanessa to give her tips. Conan really sums it up best when he says, “Miley Cyrus wanted help from you on being Miley Cyrus.” I think I speak for everyone when I say we've got a serious case of MILEYCEPTION on our hands. No one is safe from it. There are tongues within tongues within tongues, twerking on top of twerking. To borrow a phrase from douchebags, it's like so meta.

Who knew that it would take so much work for Miley Cyrus to do what she's known for — bein' Miley. It just goes to show what a good sport she is. Can you imagine what it would be like to teach other celebrities how to be caricatures of themselves? If Jay Pharoah had to give Kanye West tips on how to be more Kanye, I think he would walk away from that lesson traumatized for life. Of course, Justin Bieber is already such a caricature of himself that I don't think Kate McKinnon would have to teach him anything new.