The Wildest Vanderpump Rules Moments of All Time

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There's only one show on TV where you can see full-grown adults have careers as waiters and be completely shameless: Vanderpump Rules. The Bravo reality show is a spinoff of the Real Housewives franchise that Lisa Vanderpump is part of. She runs a successful restaurant named SUR that houses some of the most insane people on the planet. So, yeah, Bravo made a good call giving these people their own show.

Vanderpump Rules is a bastion of immaturity and craziness. There's drama aplenty on the show about 20/30somethings in the service industry in Southern California. Their wild moments have made the show the ultimate guilty pleasure. While they all had dreams and aspirations at one point (I assume), the staff at SUR is making a killing at the popular restaurant, especially with exposure from the show. Kind of makes you want to be a bartender in your thirties too. Kind of. The show returned for its sixth season earlier this month, so to commemorate the insanity — here are the show's wildest moments to date!