Exclusive: ‘Vampire Diaries’ Will Get Even Bloodier Next Season

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The Vampire Diaries trio tells Crushable that fans can expect some real vampire malice now that evil Katherine is back, and the brothers may experience some character changes in season 2.

Next season, real chaos ensues as Katherine plays with the brothers’ emotions, creating all sorts of love triangles. New unexpected friendships will be forged, largely out of the need to survive as Mystic Falls gets bloodier as the season progresses. And hearts will be broken. Stefan (Paul Wesley) will become darker, Damon (Ian Somerhalder) a little kinder and then they will switch again, they guessed at the Monte-Carlo Television Festival.

“He is a vampire and he has malice inside him,” says Paul, who is sometimes way too into his character. “There are times when he is going to be tempted by blood and it would be a mistake to ignore that.”

Who is the bigger threat to Stefan and Elena’s relationship: Damon or Katherine? That depends, says Paul. “Stefan was in love with Katherine so he may be tempted, I wouldn’t be surprised by that.”

But don’t expect to see a lot of skin à la True Blood.

“I'm very content with not being nude on national television,” says Nina Dobrev, who doubles as Elena and Katherine. “I enjoy True Blood myself and I watch the show, but I'm happy that bra and underwear is as stripped down as I can get for the show.”

Paul is up for a little nudity, but only if it added to the plot. “I feel totally comfortable with whatever the writers come up with. I wouldn’t want to do gratuitous stuff, but we all believe in the show and if that’s what they really wanted we’d do it.”

The three are tight off-screen and could usually be found together at the festival. “We keep each other grounded,” Ian says. “We have a pact that if one of us starts to get out of control we’ll step in. We’re working on Paul now,” he jokes.

Living in Atlanta has its benefits and downsides, the trio says. They’re away from their friends and family and live a solitary life. But it enables them to wander the streets in relative anonymity.

“Minus the killing and the blood we basically live like vampires,” says Nina. “We work at night, go to sleep during the day. We’re very close; we hang out together and watch out for each other.”

When asked what she does in her spare time she says, jokingly, “I sit and I chew gum.”

Paul prefers backpacking, camping and white water rafting. And Ian can’t wait to get back home to Louisiana to help with the oil cleanup. You’ll find him cleaning oil off birds and doing public service announcements. And don’t be surprised if you see him on Capitol Hill lobbying for stricter environmental laws one day soon.

“The oil spill is my worst nightmare,” he says. “It’s my home, my backyard is being destroyed by carelessness. I’m happy to be in Monte-Carlo, but I’m itching to get back and help out. We need more restrictive laws in place so this doesn’t happen again. And we need to consider that if we need oil, maybe we should drill on land, not in the water where we can destroy the entire eco-structure.”

(Photo copyrighted by Lisa Finnegan).