Here’s Why We’re SO Excited For The Vampire Diaries’ Spin-off, The Originals

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Here s Why We re SO Excited For  The Vampire Diaries   Spin off  The Originals Klaus Rebekah Elijah the originals 32656361 374 500 jpgIf you’ve been a loyal fan of my recaps for The Vampire Diaries (and how could you not be?), you probably noticed that I keep mentioning a show called The Originals that doesn’t even exist yet. For those of you don’t know, the producers of The Vampire Diaries are creating a spin off show based solely around the Original Family of vampires centering on Klaus, Rebekah, and Elijah (now that Kol and Finn are dead). And they’ve randomly inserted Phoebe Tonkin, who played Hayley, Tyler’s werewolf for a few episodes of TVD this season to become another key player. It doesn’t hurt that in an earlier episode of the show

The main premise of the spin-off is that a group of witches in New Orleans are beginning a rebellion against Klaus and his family, so they must return to this town that they once settled to keep the peace. There’s a lot I’m excited about for the show, but here are my top 5 expectations:

1. Vampire Diaries/Originals Crossover Mania

Like Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice have done in the past, I expect to see characters from either of these supernatural shows jump back and forth and weave storylines together. As of now, the producers said that although they filmed the pilot in New Orleans, if it gets picked up for a first season, the majority of it will be filmed in Atlanta alongside TVD. Also if it gets picked up, the CW will most likely air the show on Thursdays after TVD, and moving the current Thursday at 9 pm Beauty and the Beast over to whatever day they play Arrow. That way, they can do major crossover storylines and force us to watch both shows back to back every week. But will they really be forcing us? Many of our favorite characters on TVD are members the Original Family so it only makes sense that they could devote an entire show to it.

2. New Supernatural Characters

So far on TVD we’ve seen witches, vampires, werewolves, and hybrids of vampires & werewolves. Going into New Orleans, though the show’s premise is centered on the same set of supernatural beings, we don’t know how far they can go. New Orleans already has the mystic reputation of witches and voodoo, so maybe they won’t create new types of beings but the same beings with extended powers. There have been hints on TVD about different abilities others can master based on their nature, with Elena’s compassion (which is wayyyy in the past now), Jeremy’s ability to see dead people, and Bonnie transitioning from traditional magic to expression. I have a feeling that if The Originals gets a full season, we’re going to a whole new world of the supernatural we’ve never seen on TVD.

3. A Bloody Mess

Yes, this title is a sad double pun of the British adjective bloody since they all have British accents and because they are vampires. I’m done now. Word has it from what the producers have shared, that in New Orleans, being supernatural is not something you have to hide. You can feed in public and live an equally hedonistic lifestyle as the mortals already do in New Orleans. This can only mean that the fights and feedings are going to be on an entirely new level. It sounds like there’s gonna be a lot of parties and major battles down South for the Original Family, especially when the premise is that all these witches are out to get them. If we can tell anything from Bonnie’s gross nosebleeds when she has too much power, I fear to predict how many nosebleeds we’ll see here.

4. New Love Interests

So my favorite part of any show is the mess of hookups and love triangles, especially on our beloved CW shows. Aside from this Klaus and Hayley pairing that I’m already uber-intrigued by, there’s also talk of a mortal character that is drawn to Klaus. Apparently they’re both taken by the same dark painting when they meet each other. Her name is Camille, played by Leah Pipes, and she is a psychology student. With this family, I’m pretty sure she’ll have enough psychological damage to analyze for her own lifetime considering each of them have 1000 years of baggage… Also, last we saw Elijah, he and Katherine were getting pretty cozy, so it’d be super fun to have Nina Dobrev drop in from time to time. It would also be awesome to have her face off some rival who’s actually a reliable, good choice for Elijah. Though the producers have hinted that Elijah will face a downward spiral on The Originals, getting his hands dirty to save his brother, so maybe there’ll be several women. And as we well know, Rebekah will do anyone and everyone so she’ll have love interests for years to come.

5. Flashbacks!

Anyone who is a true TVD fan knows that flashbacks are everyone’s favorite part, because we love to know how our characters came to be. It also gives the showrunners a chance to be creative and add more layers to the characters. Finally, it’s just fun to put them in weird costumes and pretend it’s decades or centuries earlier than it is right now. Also, although I did mention at the start of this article that Kol and Finn, two of the Original brothers, are dead in 2013, flashback episodes will offer many opportunities to see them again. And with the witch rebellion at the forefront, we will obviously have to see what led to their problems to begin with. I, for one, can’t wait to see Rebekah dressed as an old-school Southern belle.

Here’s to hoping for all this and more when The Originals pilot premieres as an episode of The Vampire Diaries April 25th! And of course, I’ll have the recap on it, STAT.

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