The Vampire Diaries : Who’s Even On The Same Side Anymore?

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Vampire Diaries, Season 4, Episode 22, Nina Dobrev

This week’s Vampire Diaries marks the final episode before the Season 4 finale as well as the week where everyone remembers Elena and Bonnie were friends once. A couple seasons ago. In that one episode. Well, maybe you’ll remember better than we do. Somehow in the course of one episode, these two went from estranged friends to nearly killing each other to bff’s with everything forgiven in one fell swoop. Luckily, the show set up a million other questions through yet another bevy of screwed up relationships.

Elena and Caroline: Caroline is trying to put on a good face with Elena and do normal high school things, like send graduation invites (snooze), even though we know she’s going to have a moment with Stefan likely in Season 5 now that Klaus is gonna be out of the picture for a while. At one point, Caroline asks Elena if she meant all the horrible things she said when she turned off her humanity, and Elena is that friend in high school that always frustrates you because she asks you not to make her apologize. Rude. There’s definitely no hope for these two in the near future, especially when boys are involved.

Katherine and Bonnie: These two were not as fun as I had hoped by the end of last week. While trying to lift the veil that separates the living world from the dead, they seemed like awkward classmates who barely know each other and were forced to do a project together worth 70% of their final grade. The TVD people could have used this partnership a lot better but made a waste of it in one episode.

Elena and Bonnie: So while Bonnie is trying to save everyone’s lives, as she tends to do, Elena is off being selfish, as she tends to do. Now you’ve probably heard me rant about hating Bonnie repeatedly, but this week she redeemed herself completely, then died. That’s always what happens: the person you hate does something incredible and dies before any of us can truly enjoy it. On the other side of the coin is Elena, being so obsessed with killing Katherine that she doesn’t care about where Bonnie is or what she’s doing. And because she gives no f’s, she doesn’t have time for someone to tell her that Bonnie and Katherine are linked and she could kill Bonnie. Of course, after Elena tortures Katherine, Bonnie brings Elena’s brother back for her and then in an attempt to bring him back for good, she dies casting the spell. Hmm, who’s the better friend I wonder?

All the dead people and their BFFs or enemies: With Bonnie’s veil lifting, a LOT of people are back. Jeremy is back and reunited with Elena, Alaric to resume his bromance with Damon, Lexi to see Stefan, and then a crapload of vampire hunters ready to kill Rebekah. She seems to always draw the short end of the stick, doesn’t she? Of course, we’re left with a cliffhanger to see how the season ends with all these people back in town looking for revenge.

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