The Originals: Will This Vampire Diaries Spin-Off Actually Work?

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This week, The Vampire Diaries aired their back-door pilot The Originals hoping to create a new spin-off show for this fall. I’m not sure that the odds are in their favor. The premise is that Klaus and Elijah go to New Orleans, a town they had settled with their family centuries ago, because there is a coven of witches after Klaus. Klaus finds his former protégé and friend, Marcel, running things in New Orleans now and asks about why the witches are looking for him. In a twist you could see 50 miles away of course Marcel turns out to be the real villain because he’s taken all Klaus has taught him and become a monster, controlling all the magic that happens in town and showing no mercy to those who breaks his rules. This pilot had a drastically different feel from what TVD is like. Many of the producers have been saying this is the story of Klaus’ redemption: he was a big bad, he created something even worse in Marcel, and now he’s going to rectify it by getting on the inside and taking back his “kingdom”. I’m a bit torn as to how well this show will do as it takes off. I think it could also work as a strong parallel arc within TVD as it stands now, and could see THAT happening in the case that the show doesn’t get picked up. Aside from that, here are a few highlights from last night.

Nina Dobrev (Elena/Katherine) clearly hasn’t played Katherine in a minute: Now that her character of Elena has no humanity and a lot of sass, I think Nina is trying a bit harder to play Katherine differently, besides the curly hair. So she was a HUGE fan of over-enunciating every single word and being uber-dramatic.

Rebekah was the Greek chorus of the episode: For those of you who slept through English class, a Greek chorus is the group of actors in a classical play who accurately comment on what’s happening in said play. In this case, Rebekah hit the head on the nail for everything going on in her family. Elijah kept trying to convince her to join them to reclaim New Orleans and she’s like, “Hell, no! You guys don’t do shit for me or screw me over and now I’m supposed to be on Team Originals?” Though she spoke much more eloquently and with a pretty accent. My favorite Rebekah line when Elijah claimed they are family: “We’re three distrustful acquaintances that share a bloodline, that’s all.”

Marcel is a HOTTIE: As you can see in the picture above, Marcel is major eye candy, which makes it easier for us to let him get away with bad things. He got double airtime last night because he’s also a recurring character on Grey’s Anatomy. Let’s just say it was a good night for all of us. The show introduced us to him singing “How You Like Me Now” by The Heavy at a karaoke bar and I did not mind that at all either. Obviously, the TVD producers know we love the original (no pun intended) show because of the slew of hotties and they intend to deliver on this show too.

Violence and blood everywhere!: As I predicted when I wrote my predictions for this pilot, because supernatural beings live openly among mortals, I figured violence would go up. Boy, did I not predict how much. There were at least 3 gory deaths within the first 15 minutes alone. Also, I know Klaus is supposed to be realizing how Marcel is taking it all too far now, but I can’t get with him being shocked at watching these deaths. When he asked Marcel if killing Jane Anne was really necessary, I couldn’t help but think, since when do you care about violence, Klaus? Um, hello, it’s Klaus! And then he called someone melodramatic…award for biggest hypocrite goes to the hybrid himself.

Girls, Girls, Girls: I have a few bones to pick in this department. First, we knew they were going to incorporate Hayley, the slutty werewolf who’s into Tyler but had a one-night stand with Klaus, when Klaus suggests a few episodes back to trace her lineage back to New Orleans. What I didn’t know was that TVD writers were going to use her for probably the lamest plot twist of all time: making her pregnant with Klaus’ fetus. It’s supposed to appeal to Klaus’ loneliness and need for a real family and all that, but one, does anyone even really like Hayley? I think her character blows. Two, If he wanted a family, I don’t think he wants it with some random woman he doesn’t care about. Klaus himself was like “Kill them all!” He does not give a shit about her or some evil fetus that is his. My next problem was with the introduction of Camille, a mortal (for now) psych student that tends bar where Klaus was seeking the witches. They begin talking when they’re both drawn to this artist painting on the street and Camille ends up accidentally psychoanalyzing Klaus through her interpretation of the painting. Now, don’t get me wrong, I like her a lot and think she’d be a great pair for him. I just think one, they BARELY used her in all the episode, which doesn’t make sense if she’s gonna be a main character on the real show and two, they made her a little too much like Caroline 2.0, a simple replacement for all of the Klaroline fans.  Even her NAME looks like Caroline’s. She’s blonde, smart, and over analytical…big difference. I think she seems like a less neurotic than Caroline and can hold her own in a less extra-girly way. And last but not least, Klaus leaves Caroline a voicemail about showing her New Orleans to maintain hope in all our hearts.

Well, that’s it! Do you think The Originals has a chance of taking off this fall?

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