The Vampire Diaries: Who’s On Crushable’s Prom Court?

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Last night’s Vampire Diaries featured prom in Mystic Falls, and let’s just say that Carrie, the infamous movie being remade this summer, was less violent than Elena Gilbert at this high school send off. Damon and Stefan hatched a plan to get Elena to want to be human again by reminding her of all the happy memories she had before all her family started dying one by one around her. And all her friends who now hate her had to be fake nice to her to help the Salvatore brothers. So it’s kind of just like real high school, where all the girls tell each other they’re wearing beautiful dresses while thinking of rude insults on the inside. Elena continued to give no fucks about anyone. Here are some highlights: 1) stole Caroline’s dress for herself, 2) bashed April’s skull in for not making Rebekah prom queen, and 3) tried to kill her former BFF Bonnie. Luckily, we could tell the wardrobe person on TVD definitely chose the “stolen dress” for Elena because it DID look 100 times better on her than Caroline. Also, in luck, who really likes April or Bonnie, so if they died, would we be that sad? Now that all of the “emotionless” Elena stuff is out of the way, I want to crown a Vampire Diaries’ prom court with a few superlatives dedicated to last night’s episode. (For the record, Matt and Bonnie won the actual King and Queen titles. I know, WTF.)

Best Dressed, Elena Gilbert: As I mentioned before, Elena “stole” Caroline’s dress, but it really suited her much more. I’m probably also biased because I like pink and it reminded me a little of my old prom dress, but really did any other girl at that dance come close? The rest looked like they got the rejects at DEB. Does that store still exist or am I dating myself?

Worst Dressed, April Young: Okay, so I’m NOT trying to start an April-hate bandwagon like I’ve done with Bonnie in the past, but seriously every choice the show runners make with regard to April is the worst. She gets all the leftover guys and humanity and apparently wardrobe choices. She looks like Violet Beauregarde from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (btw, played flawlessly many years ago by Anna Sophia Robb, who hasn’t been as flawless in The Carrie Diaries). We need to start a “Give April a frickin chance” campaign.

Best Surprise, Silas: So Silas is able to make himself look like anyone he wants you to see you. He convinced Bonnie he was Jeremy, Stefan he was Damon (and vice-versa), and ultimately tricked Elijah into pretending he was Rebekah to snag the Cure! The show did a fantastic job of picking someone different every time to target and I was genuinely surprised every time it was revealed to be him. He clearly knows everyone’s weaknesses and how to push their buttons. And he’s only been around a couple of weeks!

Worst Surprise, Tyler Lockwood: Okay so I l-o-v-e Michael Trevino and his character of Tyler, so naturally I was excited he came back for prom and gave Caroline her perfect high school moment! But, it was just so sad because you know he has to leave right away or Klaus bites him bye bye, so I couldn’t fully enjoy the moment. I don’t like this Tyler bursting in for 5 seconds and leaving Caroline all sad again.

Favorite New Enemies, Caroline and Elena: Including the aforementioned stolen dress fiasco, humanity-free Elena is now this take-charge rebel who doesn’t think of anyone else when she makes choices and has become an alpha female, infringing upon Caroline’s status. The friction between these two all season has been intense and frighteningly awesome! I hope it goes full force in season 5 (especially when I add a little tidbit in one of the next categories).

Favorite Unlikely Heroine, Rebekah: So after stalking all of my TVD recaps, you have probably seen a theme of my love for Rebekah. I loved her from the start because she had that take no prisoners style and did the craziest things without remorse, and then gradually we’ve seen this softer side come out of her. In last night’s episode, her brother Elijah promised her the Cure if she could go an entire day without vampire privileges. And darn it, she tried her hardest! Until Elena had to go beat the shit out of April and Matt begged Rebekah to save her. The whole “what is the right thing” conflict just pulled at the few heartstrings I had.

Favorite Potential New Romance, Stefan and Caroline: So a lot of you fangirls and boys have been cheering for “Steroline” since around Season 2 and I didn’t quite see it until last night! Okay, so maybe I’ve been in denial and have seen it in a few episodes this seasons, but it looks like the “TVD powers that be” are bestowing upon us a consolation prize of Steroline since Klaus is moving onto The Originals without her. They shared a super sweet dance and talked about moving on (HELLO, BIG F-IN HINT). Plus, with our newly dubbed enemies, Caroline and Elena, that will make a fantastic love triangle in Season 5!

Couples I’m Rooting For If The Originals Doesn’t Happen, TIE between Klaus and Caroline or Matt and Rebekah: So next week is the “pilot” episode of The Originals and if the show takes off as I assume it will because TVD fans are super loyal, these couples have slim to no chance of happening. Klaus and Caroline have been developing for over a year now, and we’ve gotten NOTHING! And at first, we liked that, but now that time has run out I just feel like I got gypped from something awesome. They were always outsmarting each other and even when Klaus is a major d-bag he does something awesome for Caroline. Last night, he got her an old-school (like centuries old) prom dress and let Tyler come back so Caroline would be happy. Sighhhhhh. And Matt and Rebekah ALSO didn’t get a fair chance! (Sidebar: Isn’t it funny the Mikaelson siblings have selected the two halves of former couple Matt and Caroline?) Rebekah was always going out of her way to get Matt to like her and he was always like, “No thanks, you’re a psycho biddie”. And last night, we got a glimpse of what a wonderful relationship they’d have. You’d think that the TVD producers want us NOT to want The Originals to happen with all these good moments.

There’s my prom court/senior superlative hybrid. Ha, hybrid. See what I did there? Anyways, next week is THE ORIGINALS. Check back to see what I loved, hated, and whether it should become its own show!

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