‘Vampire Diaries’ Paul Wesley Maybe Too Into His Character

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Method acting is one thing, but we really doubt that the cast of a CW show about teen vampires really subscribe to the Lee Strasberg school of performance. So why is Paul Wesley from Vampire Diaries telling everyone that he might actually might be a bloodsucker?

During a press junket in Monte Carlo, Paul sat on stage with co-stars Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder (who, if anyone was a IRL vampire, would be him), and told reporters that he's an actual creature of the night…probably.

“First, I have fangs…Second, I am kind of an insomniac. And third, in the first season, I was always able to beat everyone to wherever they were going even though they left before me. Somehow I'd get there ahead of them and I'd be standing there in a black rain coat. And they were like, ‘How'd you do that? How did you get here so fast?'”

You know, a lot of those symptoms are also signs of having rabies, Paul. Maybe you should get yourself checked out?

(Photo via WENN)