Exclusive: ‘Vampire Diaries’ Kat Graham Gives Us Her Pop Culture Predictions

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We have to admit: We were nervous about talking to Kat(erina) Graham. As much as we like our vampire mythologies around here, it's daunting to talk to someone whose character Bonnie Bennett on the CW's Vamprie Diaries happen to be a psychic and a witch. Add in the fact that the young actress recently covered Paula Abdul's “Cold Hearted Snake” and is slated to appear in two major films this year, and you've got a downright formidable young actress to call up. Was she going to be a diva? A ditz? Little did we know (though maybe Kat did, psychically), that by the end of the interview we'd accidently say “I love you,” instead of “Goodbye.” Too much? We don't care: Kat Graham is a kick-ass lady.

Crushable: Do you watch any vampire shows, like True Blood?
Kat: You know, I know there are other vampire programs, but Vampire Diaries is the only one I'm really religious about watching. I'm really addicted to my own show. I'm a total fan of the actors, and the writers, and the whole crew.
Crushable: Yeah Ian Somerholder is really cute. But his tweets make us feel bad about ourselves, because they're always talking about important environmental issues.
Kat: He's really nice! He loves cats and trees, and he's just a great guy.
Crushable: Okay, so what about vampire movies. Are you into Twilight?
Kat:I like Twilight like I like any other movies, but I'm more into scarier stuff. Nightmare on Elm Street…and I'm about to see that movie Catfish.
Crushable: That's not really a…well, we can't tell you. But you”re going to love it. So you just covered Paula Abdul's “Cold Hearted Snake?”

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