Vampire Diaries Fans Get Prosecuted For Naming Their Son Damon

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This is unbelievable. A French couple is being taken to court in Busigny, France, later this month because the authorities believe that they were channeling the devil when naming their newborn son Daemon. The charges against Blandine and Lionel Defontaine claim that their choice of name has diabolical origins and is “contrary to the interests of the child.” Except that they named their child after Damon Salvatore—that is, Ian Somerhalder‘s character on The Vampire Diaries.

According to the Daily Mail, the Defontaines are huge Vampire Diaries fans and wanted to pay tribute to the more tortured and sadistic of the Salvatore brothers. However, in order to make “Damon” French, they added an e. And this is how their country repays them!

Blandine staunchly (and logically) defends their choice: [tagbox tag= “vampire diaries”]

Ok, there are some wacky names, but this one is in American. There are girls who are called Satan and it does not pose a problem. You know, I carried this child for nine months and he was called Daemon. He’s already more than three weeks old and he’s not yet sure of his name. I can assure you he does not have any horns, or a tail!

You've got to be kidding! Ian tweeted on December 3 when he heard the news, adding, What would @DamonLindelof say about this??? He turned out alright.Mostly…;) A fan brought the story to that Damon's attention, and he respondedI have [heard of it] and it DISGUSTS me!!!! So Hollywood is obviously on the side of these poor, well-meaning fans.

According to Buffy lore, vampires are a type of demon. So, the French authorities are correct in their charges… just not in their reasoning. Fingers crossed this poor couple gets to keep their kid's name, not to mention custody!