Vampire Diaries : The One Where EVERYTHING Happens!

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O.M.G. This is the week! Everything I’ve ever wanted to happen in Vampire Diaries happens (warning, a ton of SPOILERS to follow): Katherine’s returned, Jeremy dies, and Silas has risen! Okay, so I didn’t really want Jeremy to die, but it did tug at my heartstrings when he did. So let’s back up: Professor Shane has kidnapped Bonnie and Jeremy because in order to find where Silas is buried they need a witch and a vampire hunter with the complete mark. Back in Mystic Falls, Caroline & Tyler find the sword written in some dead language that trapped Klaus helps them translate, revealing…DUN DUN DUNNN! There’s only ONE cure.

And of course, we all know (and so do the other characters), that everyone’s gonna give it to Elena. So when Klaus tells Rebekah over the phone, she tells Stefan, breaks his neck, and runs after it on her own because she’s the only one who wants it for herself more than for Elena. For those of you who aren’t TVD aficionados, you can break other vampires’ necks and it just puts them out for a hot minute. When Stefan comes to, Elena goes on yet another “woe is me that everyone wants to help me and dies and stuff” monologue. And then realizing how there’s literally a million other things going on besides her feelings she says “Pity party over”, and we all rejoice at her brief moment of self-awareness.

Bonnie and Jeremy, exhibiting all this couple-y sexual tension, ditch Shane to get the cure without freeing Silas. As they try to figure out how to release the cure without waking Silas, Elena shows up and they get so excited like “Yay! Come help us.” And Elena keeps insisting on raising Silas, so they begin to get suspicious. Then Elena feeds Jeremy to Silas! And you’re like WTF Elena?! Until you figure out it’s Katherine!!!! I wanted to rejoice at her return, but then she killed Jeremy! Come on, girl. Can you not ruin lives every time you appear? So now the real Elena will actually have a legitimate reason to feel sorry for herself in next week’s episode, because literally every family member she has is DEAD. Except Katherine… Awkward. My hope is she goes into a dark phase and acts out by behaving badly, much like her sire, Damon.

On another note, Klaus is still holding a bitch fit over Tyler turning all his hybrids against him during the holidays. So since killing Tyler’s mom wasn’t enough, Klaus wants to go after him directly. The Klaus-Caroline-Tyler triangle is everyone’s new favorite, because despite how much he’s into Caroline, Klaus still does ratchet things whenever he feels like it. Go to Urban Dictionary if you don’t know what “ratchet” means. A picture of Klaus may appear. Tangent over. So Caroline begs Klaus to be merciful towards Tyler, and they have this “tender eye contact” moment and he’s like “Yeah, I’ll let him get a head start”. So Tyler has to leave and hide, which depresses me to NO END. Why can’t Caroline have her cake and eat it too? Like, we all want “Klaroline” to happen, but not necessarily at the expense of having Tyler leave. Can’t they find Tyler a new gf that’s prettier than that random Hayley?

I hope next week is full of catfights now that we have Rebekah, Elena, Caroline, AND Katherine in the same episode. I actually do feel sorry for a second now that Elena is totally alone. Klaroline BETTER happen if they had to make Tyler leave. And now that Jeremy’s gone, can we get a new witch and boot Bonnie? Check out next’s week recap for the episode “Stand By Me”!

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