Usher Doesn’t Care If He Sounds Narcissistic, Admits To Oprah That He Makes Love To His Own Music

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Usher make love to his music Oprah interviewI will admit that until I watched this video of Oprah asking Usher whether he makes love to his own music, I thought she meant did he literally fuck his own music. In which case I was trying to make up some sort of “Confessions Part III”/baby mama joke, but was failing. So I'm glad to see that she meant something much more reasonable, i.e., does the superstar include his own slow jams on his hook-up playlist. (Also, good for Oprah for steering clear of the really deep stuff after the Rihanna/Chris Brown double header on Oprah's Next Chapter, and asking the silly but vital questions.)

Usher's reaction is pretty damn cute: He laughs self-consciously before haltingly responding, “Some may say this would be rather narcissistic, but yeah.” You can tell Oprah gets a real kick out of it because she laughs and retorts, “If I were you, I would.”

Also, it's not that surprising that Usher pulls from his own hits, seeing as so many of them are about sex. If you look at his discography, he's got a song for every point on the spectrum of dating. (Also, so many of them have “U” in the title, which makes the writer in me shudder but is also kinda genius branding.) First date jitters, first kiss, SEX (there's a lot of that, and it's dirty), break-ups, the guy cheats on you with someone on the side and gets her pregnant… It'd be an injustice for him not to use his own music in the bedroom.

Especially when you consider the lyrics from his newish single “Scream”:

If you wanna scream yeah,
Let me know and I'll take you there
Get you going like a-ooh baby baby, ooh baby baby
A-ooh baby baby, ooh baby baby
If you want it done right
Hope you're ready to go all night,
Get you going like a-ooh baby baby, ooh baby baby
A-ooh baby baby, ooh baby baby
If you wanna scream
Out, Louder, scream, louder, louder, louder, louder,
Hey tonight I scream, I'm on need

But also sweet stuff like that duet “My Boo” that he and Alicia Keys sang, which wound up being played at every high school dance I went to:

Yes I remember boy
Cause after we kissed
I could only think about your lips
Yes I remember boy
The moment I knew you were the one
I could spend my life with
Even before all the fame
And people screaming your name
I was there and you were my baby

Smart man, that Usher. His interview with Oprah airs tomorrow night at 9 p.m. EST.

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