Just Your Average Gallery Of Celebrities Bored Out Of Their Minds At The US Open

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Lauren Conrad boredom GIF(via)

I'm so glad I'm not a celebrity, you guys. You have to be famous and make a ton of money and go to exciting, exclusive events and have zero fun at all. Case in point — the U.S. Open. If the pictures I've been cruising through are any indication, as soon as a famous person goes within a few miles of Flushing Meadows, they get funneled into the Arthur Ashe Stadium and told to spend the rest of the day there, by hook or by crook.

Then they're given elaborate stemware to drink out of — either glorious silver chalices or delicate glass snifters — and forced to point their faces toward a game from which they glean no enjoyment. Some might say that they relish their time spent watching the tennis games, or even that they go there intentionally, but these people are wrong, and for proof you need look no further than their photographs.

We've amassed a whole collection of twenty-one photos (on loan from the Smithsonian) of celebrities experiencing the excruciating boredom of watching humans hit fuzzy green balls at each other, and we present it here and now for your delicate perusal. Please pay particular attention to their frowns of consternation, sleepy eyelids, and furrowed brows, and consider donating to the Celebrity Quality Of Life Fund, to buy these famous people more successful entertainment. Every fifty thousand dollars counts. Maybe we could ask Kristen Stewart‘s mysterious Middle Eastern prince! He might have another spare $500,000 lying around.