U.S. One Direction Sues UK One Direction For Stealing Their Name, But We Already Know Who The Winner Is

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U.S. One Direction UK One Direction lawsuit steal name

One Direction has kind of screwed themselves over. Not the beloved UK group with the passionate 1D fanbase—we'll get to them in a minute. I'm talking about the California-based band who claims that One Direction (the boy band created on The X Factor) stole their name.

TMZ got wind of the lawsuit that One Direction just filed against 1D — that's how we'll distinguish the two — claiming that they created their band in 2009, a full year before the UK kids did, and that they registered their trademark long before their European counterparts. One Direction is suing their rival band as well as Simon Cowell‘s label Sony Music, demanding over $1 million in damages and that 1D change their name.

But here's where the Americans made their mistake: They obviously waited two years until 1D was famous, so that they could get as much money and attention as possible. But that delay cemented 1D's status as the hot new boy band with a phenomenal rise to fame and adoring fans who don't give a flying fuck about a band that supposedly came before. Sorry to say, but I can't see how they'll win this.

However, here comes a twist in the 1D mythos: In response to our post about the rumors that the boys weren't allowed to have sex while performing in the States, several commenters argued that the band has never wanted to put forward a squeaky-clean image. According to these fans, the boys smoke, drink, make dick jokes in interviews, and even “have homoerotic tendencies.” So maybe they aren't so innocent in this, and knew about the other band when they joined up.

We're kidding. Not about the homoerotic tendencies, though. Tell us more, 1D fans.

Photo: TMZ