Update: Nick Stahl Has Reached Out To Friends And Family

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After being missing for over a week, actor Nick Stahl as finally reached out to his friends via email promising that he's headed to rehab to get help, according to TMZ.

Stahl, who's probably best known for his work in HBO's Carnivàle and Terminator 3, has struggled with drugs in the past and now with his relationship with his wife — they separated back in January — he has clearly given in to his demons. According to TMZ‘s sources, his email which did not include his wife, sincerely apologized for scaring everyone with his abrupt disappearance and has said that he won't be in contact with them for at least 30 days as he tries to get a handle on his addiction, as well as his life. However, those who have received the email remain “skeptical” that rehab is the case and fear that Stahl may have just reached the end of the line on this one.

Just yesterday his wife, Rose Stahl, told People that she fears that he “could have overdosed, that's one thought. And I'm wondering if there will be a body recovered.” Now that he's contacted his friends, here's hoping that Stahl's claims of getting help are legit. If not for himself, at least for his daughter, Marlo.