Update: ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ Did Not Steal A Funny Or Die Video, Has Never Stolen Anything

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Yesterday, we reported the modern-day Prince and Pauper tale of a pair of similar Beaver parody videos: One, a humble Funny or Die web piece and the other a segment from ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live. Both intercut the trailer with chioce portions of Mel Gibson‘s infamous phone calls to Oksana Grigorieva. Our interview with the Funny or Die video's creator led us to believe that his idea may have been thefted by Jimmy and co., but the show' co-head writer, Gary Greenberg, cleared the rumor up:

“While it may seem implausible that more than one party could conceive such a groundbreaking idea simultaneously, that is the case. In fact, five of our nine writers pitched the identical idea. We have never stolen anything from anyone.”

We bet there's a grip with an extra breakfast burrito sloshing around in his belly who'd disagree with that last part, but we get the point! Also, how hilarious must that pitch session have been? Bonus points for anyone who brought in a Passion of the Christ sock puppet.