Update: Demi Moore Hospitalized For Doing Whip-Its?

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TMZ, a rather dependable source that is always in the know, is saying that the drug that put Demi Moore in the hospital the other night was nitrous oxide. What's nitrous oxide you ask? Well, it's that shit that kids have been inhaling out of Reddi Wip cans of whipped cream since some fuck-up realized it could get you high for oh, like, a hot second or two. Nice job, Demi!

The reason Moore's friend called the ambulance was because after having done several whip-its, she collapsed to the ground into semi-consciousness. Apparently Moore missed the after-school special where the kid does a whip-it, then his head explodes and he dies. The rest of us remember that episode and that's why the rest of us are not currently sitting in rehab for doing whip-its. If that's why you find yourself in rehab one day, then it may be time to take a long hard look at your life and do some serious re-evaluating.

Demi, we get that it may seem like everything is in the shitter at the moment, but whip-its? Is deeply inhaling out of a whipped cream can to experience a short-lived giggle really what your life has come to? Do you want to be remembered as the actress who almost died because of whip-its? Seriously, girl, you need to check yourself before you wreck yourself.