17 Upcoming Shows Based on Comic Books All Riverdale Fans Will Love

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When people think of comic books they often think of superheroes and supervillains. It's hard not too when the biggest movies in the world right now are superhero films based on comic books. But comic books are so much more than that. A “comic book” is, more simply, just a book full of illustrated comics and panels of dialogue. So they can *literally* be about anything.

Did y'all know Riverdale is based off a comic book? We're going to assume you did since The CW show has pretty much taken over the universe. It's that popularity that's opening the door for more untraditional comic book shows to crop up on TV. We don't need every TV show to be about someone dealing with their superpowers. Even the “superhero” shows in development aren't your usual big budget fodder, but more low-key explorations of these universes. There so many new comic book-based shows coming up you're gonna have to prep your DVR for all the goodness. Some are airing soon, and some are stuck in a bit of development-limbo, but they're all sure to be awesome whenever they find their way to a small screen near you. Here are some of the best of the best in upcoming shows that you're sure to love!