11 Movies You Forgot Are Being Turned Into Musicals

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6. Rocky

rocky steps running


Sylvester Stallone himself produced this adaptation of the classic boxing movie, which premiered in Hamburg, Germany, in November 2012 and received good reviews. It's coming to Broadway with preview performances this February.

7. School of Rock

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This movie isn't just getting a stage musical. It's getting a stage musical from Andrew Lloyd Webber. Webber announced that he had bought the rights last year. Since Jack Black is pretty musical himself with Tenacious D, maybe he'll reprise his role?

8. The Notebook

  the notebook bird quote


If constant TV reruns aren't enough Allie and Noah for you, get ready to see their story told in song on Broadway. Author Nicholas Sparks revealed last year that it was still in the works, adding “Who's not going to see that?” You can't tell, Mr. Sparks, but I'm raising my hand.

9. Magic Mike

magic mike group dancing


Last summer we learned that the most iconic male stripper movie of the 21st century is headed to Broadway, and Channing Tatum is producing. I'm sure it'll be just like going to a strip club, but classier, because BROADWAY.

10. Animal House

 john belushi animal house


This one's gone through some changes since its inception. It was originally going to feature music by Barenaked Ladies, but they dropped out last year and were replaced by composer David Yazbek. Let's hope things turn out okay so we can hear people yelling “Toga! Toga!” in a fancy theater.

11. Pan's Labyrinth

pan's labyrinth table


Remember that really creepy Guillermo Del Toro movie with the terrifying eyeballs-in-hands creature that gave you nightmares? Well you might eventually be able to see that image in person. It was announced in 2012 that it will be a stage musical, with the book having already been written by Del Toro and Jeremy Ungar. I'm already scared.

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