11 Movies You Forgot Are Being Turned Into Musicals

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Is nothing new? Hollywood would answer that question with a strong “NO.”  Not only is everything these days a franchise or an adaptation or a remake, but we’re now finding new and unique ways to capitalize on existing successes by turning everything from theme park rides to board games into blockbuster. There’s also the trend of turning successful and iconic movies into stage musicals. It used to be the other way around, but one day Hollywood realized the adaptations didn’t have to only go in one direction and they ran with it.

The latest screen-to-stage venture is the Groundhog Day musical. That’s right, the movie where Bill Murray relives the same day over and over again is becoming a musical. I mean, I love that movie, but really? Of course, that’s what we seem to say about every one of these adaptations, but a lot of them end up being successful. Just look at Matilda. It won five Tony Awards last year!

In honor of this new announcement, and the fact that another classic movie seems to be getting the musical treatment every day, we’ve rounded up eleven more shows in the works that are based on films. You might have forgotten a lot of them were happening, or you just didn’t realize they were happening in the first place. It’s getting harder to keep track.

1. Frozen

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Okay, so you might not have forgotten about this one since it was just announced this week, but in case you didn’t hear, Disney’s newest animated movie is already headed to Broadway. CEO and Chairman Bob Iger confirmed it and added that they’re not rushing anything. So much fake snow potential!

2. The Princess Bride

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If you’ve been dreaming of seeing your favorite fairy tale comedy on the stage, I’m happy to say: “As you wish.” Disney Theatrical Productions is collaborating with William Goldman on a Broadway adaptation of the story. When it was announced in November, it hadn’t been decided if it would be a musical, but I don’t think that’s “inconceivable.”

3. Mean Girls

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If you haven’t been calling this news “fetch” since it was announced, who even are you? Tina Fey is working on adapting the greatest film of our time into a musical with her husband, composer Jeff Richmond. And don’t you worry, there’s an “October 3rd” song in the works.

4. Heathers

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How very. This one first starred Kristen Bell as Veronica in workshop versions in 2010. Unfortunately she’s not playing the role again when the show premieres off-Broadway this March. But that doesn’t mean it’s not exciting. I mean, who doesn’t love songs about teen murder?

5. Amelie

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Everyone’s favorite feel-good French film is being adapted into a Broadway show with music by indie musician Dan Messé of the band Hem. Unfortunately the film’s director Jean-Pierre Jeunet has said the idea of a musical adaptation “disgusts” him, and he only agreed to it for the money, which he’s donating to charity.

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