The 16 Stars Of Fall TV That You Should Get To Know Now

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Adelaide Kane Reign

Pilot season is the special time of year when all of the doe-eyed young actors blow the gathered dust off of their one-minute monologues and flock to Hollywood and NYCwood, with high hopes of being the next big breakout star. The luckier ones land a job on a show that then gets picked up by a network and have articles like this one written about them, while the others await the days when they're able to point out every show that they were “thiiis close” to being on. The luckiest ones get pretty famous, and the world begins to smother them with love, adoration, and tabloid headlines, ensuring that no one will be able to forget their names.

I'd like to think we're continuing a beautiful tradition here at Crushable by trying to predict the actors with the most promise. Last year, we were pretty spot on with including people like AnnaSophia Robb for her role in The Carrie Diaries, Stephen Amell for Arrow, and Andrew Rannells for The New Normal. Here's to hoping that our crystal balls are just as clear this year!

Some of these soon-to-be ex-hopefuls have already been featured in the credits of things you've probably already seen and some of them have IMDb pages that look a little bit lonely. Either way, soon the world will definitely know the names of these rising stars. If I am allowed to make up words, like I think I am, then I'd like to call them starlings (because it's a cute little mixture of “star” and “budding”). Is that okay with you? I hope that's okay with you. Here are the 16 up-and-coming starlings of fall TV who are on their ways to taking the world by storm.

(Lead Photo: The CW)