Unlock The Liquor Cabinet And Get Crazy: Absolutely Fabulous Is Back For A Second Anniversary Special

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Unlock The Liquor Cabinet And Get Crazy  Absolutely Fabulous Is Back For A Second Anniversary Special absolutely fabulous pasty edina pics jpegOne of the most fantastically ridiculous shows to ever appear on television is about to celebrate it’s 20th anniversary for the second time. Normally a second anniversary show would seem unnecessary and over the top, but considering it’s for Absolutely Fabulous it makes perfect sense.

Since 1992 Eddie and Pats (played by Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley respectively) have been getting drunk, dressing like under-medicated lunatics and falling down over and over again as devoted fans watched and laughed until they peed our pants.

So why another anniversary show? Because the first one that aired earlier this month on Logo and BBC America did so well and garnered such amazing reviews, that it only made sense to do another–and another. Yes, the “Absolutely Fabulous 20th Anniversary Special” that you can see on LOGO and BBC America on February 6th at 1030pm is just the second in a line of three. It’s not as though anyone can get enough of Pats and Eddie, so three makes a charm.

LOGO offered this description for the second Ab Fab special:

In the newest special, titled “Job,” Edina (Saunders) takes on a celebrity client who wants to sing. When Edina discovers how awful her client’s voice really is, she’ll need to recruit some help from her other clients, Emma Bunton from the Spice Girls and Lulu, to help prepare the client for her upcoming debut.

Eddie teaching someone to sing sounds like just another reason to pop a pill and have a drink, darling. Let’s take a look back at a montage of some of their finer moments, shall we, sweetie?