17 Unlikely Music Collaborations That Actually Worked Out

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It's been an unlikely year for music collaborations. Pop artists are either trying to make a come back or stay at the top and for some, that requires a little shock factor often in the form of a collab. We've watched Katy Perry host a ton of cringeworthy television specials in an attempt to stay young, hip, and catchy. For her that meant joining forces with Migos. That's right, the girl who used to wear cupcake bras and live in an innocent yet sexual fantasy world of cotton candy made a song with the boys of “Bad and Bougie.”

You know that hit that you've had stuck in your head all summer long? (“Despacito”, duh). Bieber decided to hop on that track to make it huge in America. Whether you saw these collaborations in the works or they came as a total surprise, they made it huge on the charts. We've rounded up 17 unlikely music collabs that actually worked in the artist's favor.

1. Selena Gomez and Gucci Mane, “Fetish”

This collaboration was one we couldn't predict. To be fair, Gucci Mane had just finished promoting his single with Fifth Harmony so his people may have thought a girl power takeover could be good for him. Nevertheless, Gucci is still the rapper who was released from prison earlier this year but this song is undeniably catchy and pretty steamy TBH.
Perhaps it was their time filming Spring Breakers that really brought SelGo and Gucci together.