Unlike His Momager Wife, Bruce Jenner Is Not Too Stoked On Kimye

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So it seems all the Kardashians have now weighed in on Kim Kardashian‘s maybe-fake (but maybe real!) relashe with Kanye West, and the verdict is far from unanimous. While Medea figure momager Kris Jenner was predictably “thrilled” that her daughter had a new high-profile coupling to exploit, sensible sis Khloe was sort of vague and neutral about it. And honorary Kardashian (at least until the divorce goes through) Kris Humphries was uncharacteristically bitchy with his reported sentiment of “good luck dude, you are going to need it.”

But it's the Kardashian with the fakest facial features who is dishing out the realest talk in this scenario, namely, Kim's step-dad Bruce Jenner. When asked by the press on Wednesday what he thought of Kimye, the worried stepfather said “I'm not that excited, but we'll see. Kimberly and I have had a conversation about them and their potential relationship.”

“Sources” clarified to TMZ that Jenner has nothing against the rapper, but only wishes Kim would wait a little while before jumping into another intense relationship. This seems like good enough advice, but more importantly: can you imagine Bruce Jenner making a stern dad face (or as close to one as the Botox will allow) and addressing Kim as “Kimberly”? I hope they include that on the next season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

(Via TMZ)