Unlike Hilary Duff, Beyoncé Still Gets to Star in Her Movie After She Gives Birth

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Days after Hilary Duff announced her pregnancy, studio Cypress Moon Productions announced they were forced to drop her from the upcoming Bonnie and Clyde remake since they couldn't postpone the movie til after she gave birth. But apparently if you're Beyoncé, it's a whole different situation: Warner Bros. is willing to push Clint Eastwood‘s remake of A Star Is Born back beyond the February 2012 start date.

This isn't entirely surprising, since Beyoncé is overall more respected as an artist, and even as a singer/actress, than Hilary Duff is. She's a brand, and is (not to cheesily quote her song, but) irreplaceable in a large-scale musical project like this. Although Hilary resembles original Bonnie Faye Dunaway and is definitely a fun on-screen presence, the producers could easily find another Bonnie. (Most recently they were talking with Amanda Seyfried, but she turned it down.)

Obviously Warner Bros., and probably also Clint, believe in Beyoncé enough that they're willing to push off A Star Is Born til she's ready. There's also the issue that Clint hasn't yet found his leading man. For a while it looked as if it would be Leonardo DiCaprio, but despite being the first choice, he decided not to join the project.

Then again, TMZ just reported that Hilary nabbed $100,000 as severance pay for getting dropped from Bonnie and Clyde. That'll buy a lot of diapers and swanky baby strollers…