Celebrity Lookalikes: Unfortunate Comparisons Part Two

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Last week we showed you some of our favorite actors who bore a striking resemblance to another type of headline-maker: creepy convicts. In today's edition, we tackle even more celebrity/criminal lookalikes.

Christopher Meloni and Eliot Spitzer

He might spend his days on SVU busting sex criminals like Eliot Spitzer, but you have to admit that the real-life Det. Stabler looks like a hotter version of New York's former governor.

Lizzy Caplan and Casey Anthony

If they ever made a Lifetime movie about Anthony, the mother who killed her toddler Caylee in 2008, Party Down‘s Caplan has just the right balance of innocence and intensity to pull it off.

Ramona Singer and Jennifer Wilbanks

It might not be a perfect match (Singer's a blond while real-life Runaway Bride Jennifer Willbanks is a brunette) but you got to admit that they both have the same damn crazy eyes.

Joaquin Phoenix and Ted Kaczynski

You know, if he shaved a little bit and cleaned up his act, I'd probably hit that. Ted Kacynski, I mean. Joaquin and I are totally over.