8 Celebrities You Never Thought Would Get Hot But Totally Did

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Shaun White 2013 MTV Music Awards August 25 2013 Brooklyn New YorkThe thing about celebrities is that they usually come straight from the Unattainable Beauty store, all packaged and nice and free of pimples. For this reason, it's always a nice surprise to see a famous person have their very own Cinderella story. (I'm talking purely based on looks, here, because chimney sweeping is so 18th century.) And, speaking of physical transitions, can we just talk about professional snowboarder, Shaun White‘s for a second? He is, like, the king of them!

Never, in one zillion years, did I ever think that I would be placing Shaun White's name in the same phrase as “is pretty hot these days.” I just did not see that happening. He wasn't hideous, but he just wasn't on my hotness radar (this is a real thing) until fairly recently. But I have said that exact sentence, and on multiple occasions, to boot! And no one even gives me a face afterward because they can't see why I would think that, because they totally can see why. Somewhere along the way, Shaun befriended a barber and a suit retailer, and the rest, as they say, is history.

And Shaun isn't the only celebrity who went through a head-turning transformation. So, in celebration of his 27th birthday today, I thought it would be great to acknowledge the newfound beauty of these other 8 celebrities. Sort of like a stepping up ceremony, where certificates are awarded for only aesthetic reasons. This isn't school so it's perfectly legal.

P.S. – Happy Birthday, Shaun the swan. How's the beautiful life treating you?

1. Matthew Lewis

Matthew Lewis Then And Now(Photo: Tracy Moreno-King, WENN / Dominic Chan/ WENN)

Yeah, he courageously saved the entire wizarding world while he was still the guy on the left. But how many online websites do you think were dedicated to him, then? Well, still probably quite a few, but you get what I'm saying.

2. Snooki

Snooki Then And Now(Photo: WENN/WENN)

For a long time, Snooki was the butt of a lot of jokes because she was nothing like television had ever seen before, what with her poof and fondness for zebra patterns. But then, one day, she dies her hair red and is suddenly the Artist Formally Known As Snooki. Wait, sorry, I just confused her with Prince. Apparently she's just Nicole Polizzi, now.

3. Chris Pratt

Chris Pratt Then And Now(Photo: WENN/Instagram)

I think Chris' “thing” should be to play the frumpy, but loveable guy in everything, but that could just be because I am blind to anything that isn't Parks and Recreation. But now with those abs and those arms, and, basically, his entire body, I have no idea how that will even work. “You're telling me you can't cook ramen in a coffee pot with those abs? You hate running with those abs?” See what I mean?

4. Kelly Osbourne

Kelly Osbourne Then And Now(Photo: WENN/FayesVision, WENN)

Kelly getting hot had a little teensy tiny bit with her beginning to lead a healthier lifestyle and a TON with her figuring out how to apply her quirky style in a gorgeous way. Like, I'm happy that she got her battle with drugs in check, but that's not what I'm talking about here! I'm just talking looks, remember? In any event, I guess she gets a pass for the past because she was sorting out what she liked and didn't like. But, I'm warning you, Kelly, don't you dare get less fabulous!

5. Nick Jonas

Nick Jonas Then And Now(Photo: Starbux,WENN / Instagram)

He was and is a part of one of the biggest boy bands of his time but I totally did not see this gorgeousness coming. Maybe he could've given a warning to everyone that he was about to unleash a photo like this onto the internet?? Like sent out Save The Date cards, or something? I get that it's grossly edited, but, if we're being honest here, I'm not even focusing on the filters.

6. Nicole Richie

Nicole Richie Before After

(Photo: WENN/Joel Ginsburg, WENN)

Nicole has gone through a lot in the public eye, which definitely manifested itself physically. Barring her actual serious struggles (like her battle with eating disorders), my least favorite version of Nicole is the Simple Life Nicole. But, that's okay, because my favorite version is the one we're working with right now. Keep on keeping on.

7. Josh Peck

Josh Peck Then And Now(Photo: Bryan Lamb, WENN / Try C/WENN)

Josh has been the token goofy-ish guy in Nickelodeon's arsenal since before I was allowed to use the stove. You could do the math, but you could also just take that sentence at surface level. Anyway, one day he was like, “Lol, forget this. Look how hot I really am, world!” And then we looked. And he was hot, indeed.

I'm all for even more celebrities to just get inexplicably hotter. Because, while I really do love them for their talents, I also sometimes love them for how nice they look. No shame.

(Lead Photo: WENN)