7 Stars Who Won Belated Oscars For Movies That Were Originally Snubbed

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You know that thing where sometimes award-winning actors come back onstage later to add something on to their speech? Like maybe in their excitement at winning, they forgot to thank their manager or something, so they just do it later when they're presenting or something and it's not really the right time?

Well the Academy does it too. Sometimes they'll realize after the fact that they should have honored a particular performance, or rewarded a particular actor who'd been nominated umpteen thousand times. These things happen when the media is as vocal as ours is — sometimes there's a pretty big snub, and people are bound to talk about it. Nothing to be done about it, right?

WRONG. It's entirely up to the Academy who wins and who loses, so I feel like sometimes they just throw someone a bone. Instead of judging performances on a case-by-case basis, there have been multiple instances where I'm preeeeeetty sure someone got a delayed-gratification Oscar for a performance they'd turned in years ago. You've probably had the same inklings yourself, but here are some examples if you really don't see where I'm coming from.

1. Kate Winslet

I think after a certain number of nominations (six), the Academy just starts to feel awkward that Kate didn't have an award yet, so they gave her one for The Readereven though it's pretty widely agreed that was one of her lesser movies, behind Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless MindLittle Childrenand Revolutionary Roadat the very least.

2. Jennifer Lawrence

I know everyone was obsessed with Silver Linings Playbookbut I really didn't think that was a career-peak performance for Jennifer, and certainly not better than Jessica Chastain‘s for Zero Dark Thirty. I felt like Jennifer actually got the win for her insane work in 2010's Winter's Bonewhich was a far more impressive performance, but one that lost out to Natalie Portman in Black Swan.

3. Heath Ledger 

There's no denying that Heath's performance in The Dark Knight was incredible, but I find it hard to believe that he would have won for it if Brokeback Mountain hadn't been snubbed in 2005.

4. Martin Scorcese


He's been nominated eight times for Best Director but won only once…for The DepartedI personally love the movie, but I can't help but wonder why it was honored over Raging BullTaxi Driver, and Goodfellas.

5. Denzel Washington

Ummmm I don't know if we remember this, but Denzel won his second Oscar for Training DayNot Malcolm X or Philadelphia…Training Day. Sorry to anyone he beat out that year, but Denzel had one coming to him for sure after getting snubbed on those other two.

6. Meryl Streep

Okay so she's the best actress of our generation, blah dee blah dee blah, so she can probably wait to win for a performance that isn't in The Iron LadyAnd come to think of it, let's quit handing her nominations for films like The Devil Wears PradaJulie & Julia, and August: Osage County when all we really mean to say is, “Hey Meryl, we noticed you made a movie this year. Great job, girl.” We're all aware of her career, so quit it with the empty nominations.

7. Sandra Bullock

I'm as excited as the rest of you that Sandra wants to hang out with us in the serious actress category instead of messing around with garbage like All About Steve, but I feel like she got the award for The Blind Side more as a pat on the back than anything. A little encouragement from the Academy just saying that she's a nice lady and that she's on the right track. I'm not that mad about it because I thought it was a decent performance, but if she wins for Gravity this year, I swear to god I'll put my foot through a TV.

8. Leonardo DiCaprio

I'm hoping against hope that Leo won't win this year for The Wolf Of Wall Street just because he never did for What's Eating Gilbert Grape, The Aviator, or Blood Diamond when he was nominated. I understand that he's a very talented young chap, but if he was gonna win for something it should've been for one of those or even for The Departed, because I felt like he really killed it there.