20 of the Most Underrated TV Shows On Air Right Now

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TV Land

Underrated shows are simply a sad fact of life. Not every single well-written, witty show with great acting is going to get the hype it deserves. A lot of shows eventually gain that attention post-mortem like Freaks and Geeks and My So-Called Life did, but by the time they were finally beloved by audiences, they'd already been canceled.

It's always fun to find a diamond in the rough TV show that you can binge on a streaming service, but it's also always a little disappointing when you get through all two seasons of the show and realize that the narrative will never get the conclusion you wanted because it was pulled from the air too soon. So we've decided to serve up 20 underrated TV shows that are still on the air so hopefully, you can help the program gain the ratings it needs to thrive and go from underappreciated to cult classic.