The Top 20 Most Underrated Taylor Swift Songs of All Time

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We can all probably agree that the worst fate a song can suffer is that of being overplayed on the radio. Even as a longtime Taylor Swift fan, I'll be the first to admit that just listening to “Shake It Off” (among many more) makes my blood pressure spike with flashbacks of the annoyance-inducing constant and never-ending radio repeat. I'm already sick of “Look What You Made Me Do” and it's been like, less than a month. No matter how good a song is, if you listen to it a million and a half times, you're going to grow to resent it. Trust me, been there done that.

With five (nearly six!) studio albums and over 80 songs, you'd think we'd get a little more variety! In need of a refresh?
Here are the 21 most underrated Taylor Swift songs to date:

1. “A Place In This World” from Taylor Swift

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“Maybe I’m just a girl on a mission but I’m ready to fly.”

She might be one of the most well-established 27-year-olds in the spotlight, but back in the day, Taylor was just as lost as the rest of us. She wrote this one about finding her (yep, you guessed it) place in the world, feeling alone, and just figuring it all out day-by-day. Can you say #relatable?