16 Underrated Kick Ass Girl Musicians You Need To Listen To Now

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If you've been paying attention to the music scene this past year, it's pretty clear that this year has been the year for new music from people who aren't all white dudes. TBH, it's been a much-needed breath of fresh air. Girl musicians have often been criticized for sounding too similar… to which we say: you're just not listening.
Men have dominated music for a long time, especially in the indie and hip-hop scenes, which makes people lump together every girl musician under the same genre. But it's 2017, and we are over that. In every genre from indie to hip-hop, some of the biggest and best sounds have been coming from groups of people who are often ignored in the mainstream music community, primarily girl musicians. So, if you're on the hunt for new music — look no further. We've compiled 16 must-listen artists from every genre and style so you can finally perfect your masterpiece playlist.

1. Best Coast

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Best Coast can best be described as 1960s surf rock with a modern, girl-power twist. Their songs are super simple in their melodies and very straightforward in both their sound and lyrics, but the distortion and fuzzy guitar on many of their songs add a little bit of grunge. Lead singer Bethany Cosentino’s voice is beautifully clear and sounds like sunshine. While their lyrics aren’t super-deep, it’s strangely what makes listening to Best Coast so refreshing.