19 Underrated DCOMs You Almost Forgot All About

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If you were an avid Disney Channel fan growing up, then getting to watch a new DCOM was hands-down the highlight of your month. No one could ever forget fan-favorite, classic Disney Channel original movies Halloweentown or Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century. Additionally, newer faves like High School Musical garnered multiple sequels (and dedicated fanbases). But unfortunately, all Disney Channel Original Movies weren't as lucky. While maybe popular when they first came out, a few underrated DCOMs are typically forgotten about whenever someone decides to write out a “best of” list, which is completely messed up being that many of these movies inspired, showcased inclusivity and diversity, and promoted self-confidence.

From a movie about a less-than-stellar middle-school dance team to a true tale about two pre-teens who become friends despite their racial difference, here are 19 Disney Channel Original Movies that deserve a little love, too, now and again.