Let’s Discuss the Unrealistically Beautiful Apartment on Underemployed

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I'd love to tell you all about what happened on last night's series premiere of Underemployed. But I just couldn't seem to focus on the plot, not after seeing what an unbelievably enormous apartment two of its main characters lived in. Like seriously, Miles (Diego Boneta) and Lou (Jared Kusnitz) are two recent college grads who've never held down a steady job. How could they possibly afford such a nice apartment? It had beautiful exposed brick walls, a huge living space, and a hallway of bedrooms that seemed to go on forever. I call bullshit.

I guess this is a good time to put it out there that I have quite a bit in common with the main characters in this show. I too have just recently graduated college with dreams of conquering the world. Hoping to find the perfect job doing not only something I love but also something that's rewarding. And yeah, making a decent amount of money wouldn't hurt either. But sadly, like pretty much all of the characters on this show, I haven't quite found what I'm looking for. This is how I know that there is no way these two boys could afford this monstrosity of an apartment. So please, television gods stop painting such an unrealistic picture of life after college. It's making me feel worse about my semi-pathetic life.

But I don't think it's impact on my emotional well-being, is the only thing this show should worry about. No, they should be more concerned with the comparisons people are undoubtedly going to make with other shows similar to this one. Namely, HBO's instant fan-favorite Girls which already has an extremely devoted following after it's premiere season. I think it's going be hard for this show to gain the same devotion. It just all seems a little less real and relatable to me.

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