16 Celebs Whose Unconventional Looks We Love

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Not to get all ‘first world problems’ on you right now, but it’s a pretty tough world that celebrities live in, in case you hadn’t noticed. Sure, they get paid millions of dollars per project and they have access to opportunities that people like you and I can only dream of, but they’re also under a microscope. We expect them to look good one thousand percent of the time, and we’re the people who decide what ‘looking good’ means. Convenient, huh??

They’re not supposed to age, but we come down on them hard if they seem like they’ve had work done. They’re not supposed to need to do anything but Pilates, but we analyze them endlessly when they don’t drop the baby weight quickly enough. We’re critical of anyone trying too hard on the red carpet, but if we spot them without makeup while dropping their kids off at school, it’s enough to get them a full-page photo in a tabloid. It’s a lot of impossible rules and contradictions, and if everyone followed them to the letter, I think we’d have a Hollywood full of tiny blue-eyed blond ladies and six-foot-tall dudes with rippling muscles and no personalities. Gross.

But luckily, we don’t have to worry about that, because there are a bunch of wonderfully non-conformist people out there who refuse to be boxed in by traditional standards of attractiveness. People like Owen Wilson, who turns forty-five today and has completely owned his twice-broken nose. I’m sure he had many opportunities to get it ‘fixed’ over the years, and I’d bet quite a few agents or managers told him to do so, but he never did, and now I can’t imagine him without it. We don’t need another bland handsome blond guy – what we need is someone whose face has a little personality to it, and that’s exactly what Owen brings to the table.

I guess what I’m getting at is everything they tell you in middle school is true, guys – it’s much better to have a distinctive characteristic that makes you stand out then to be perfect in every way and blend in with the crowd. There’s nothing more attractive than someone confident enough in their ‘flaws’ to let them all hang out there. I love it.

So in honor of Owen’s birthday, here are fifteen other celebrities whose unconventional looks we love. People who don’t let themselves be defined by the traditional Hollywood standards of beauty and come out all the more attractive for it.