Ultimate Diva Whitney Houston Dies At 48

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Reports are just coming in that legendary pop diva Whitney Houston died this afternoon. Although we've known she's suffered from drug abuse for years, she seemed like one of those woman who would just keep powering through and survive forever.

Despite her final years being known for drug abuse, I'll always remember her for the amazing power ballads she created that inspired me through some of my highest times and propped me up during some of my lowest.

I remember karaoke sessions where I belted out “I Want To Dance With Somebody” just as well as I remember break-up moping sessions where I cried to “I Will Always Love You.”

I remember getting lost in Madrid after getting drunk on wine juice boxes and not feeling scared because I had “It's Not Right, But It's Okay” blasting on my iPod.

I remember rolling my eyes in a bar in college when “I'm Every Women” came on in the middle of a top 40 playlist one night — only to be followed seconds later  by a spontaneous top of my lungs singing session with my friends as we sang the song into our beer bottles. Before that night I never would have known that I actually knew every word to that song. [tagbox tag=”Whitney Houston”]

I remember getting ready in my apartment a few weekends ago and feeling the need to play “How Will I Know” while putting on my make-up. It was stuck in my head and the only way to unstick was to play it on repeat 5 of 6 times. By the time I put I got to my final coat of mascara I was in full-on diva mode.

While it became all to easy in her later years to make fun of her, I hope that we can remember Whitney Houston now for her amazing talent and the memories her songs provided us throughout the years.

And here's Jennifer Hudson singing “I Will Always Love You” in tribute to Whitney at the Grammys.

[Photo courtesy of Tekstovi-Pesama]