Ugly Betty Filming In ‘Dumbo’

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Ugly_Betty_Softball_3_nc It's good to see some signs that Ugly Betty has resumed production!  By signs, I mean literally!  Filming will occur tomorrow (July 8,2008) in Brooklyn, in a neighborhood called Dumbo.

FYI: Dumbo stands for Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass.  The neighborhood was given that name by resident artists (think gentrification) as a way to make the area sound silly and unattractive to people looking to buy real estate in the neighborhood.  Brilliant.  To read more about the neighborhood, check it out here.

Of course, filming in a vibrant, big city requires a lot more logistically than filming on a backlot in Hollywood.  The blog DumboNYC has photos of notices to residents that they cannot park on the street here and here.

The second notice tells specifically where they will be filming, if you happen to be in the area!

  • New Dock St. between Water St and East River.
  • Water St. between Dock and Main Sts.
  • Dock St. between Water and Front Sts.
  • Front St. between Dock and Main Sts.
  • York St. between Washington and Front Sts.
  • I'm quite curious which storyline is associated with this Brooklyn neighborhood.   Daniel and his son?  Or, as I am guessing, Betty striking out on her own?  Is this going to be her new home?  Or, could it be the home of Lindsay Lohan's character, Kimberly?

    What do you think?

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