Ugly Betty Episode 4.09 Sneak Peek #2

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Here is the second sneak peek for Ugly Betty, episode 4.09, Be-Shure.



This one is all about Bobby.  He arrives at the Suarez house to take Justin to school, since Justin has a “bulky school project”.  At first Hilda doesn’t believe that’s the real reason Bobby is there, but Justin comes down the stairs with boxes and hangers full of stuff. 

(Apparently, Justin is doing a report on Nobel Prize winners, and takes the fashion angle, because there’s always a fashion angle.  🙂 )

Ignacio has a great little scene where he not-so-subtly accuses Bobby of stealing their baby Jesus from their nativity scene all those years ago, which Bobby denies.  (Having a Cabbage Patch Kid as the new baby Jesus is a nice touch)

Justin then asks if they can leave – Jimmy Carter’s cardigan just slipped off the hanger.

The similarities between Bobby and Santos are pretty amazing – I’m wondering if Silvio Horta sometimes regrets killing off Santos in East Side Story (even though that was one of the best episodes ever).  If Bobby can give us half the great scenes (especially with Justin) we got from Santos, I’d love to see him stick around.  Not that I want Ralph Macchio to go anywhere.

It’s also interesting that Matt and Archie are the first men his girls have brought home that he seems to like (he liked Henry till the stuff with Charlie happened).  A billionaire and a rising politician, what’s not for a dad to love?  :)  Yes, I know:  Matt is flighty and politicians can be dogs.  But still…

Yet, as in real life, his girls will most likely not choose his first choices.  And, “the pregnancies” will only complicate things.

Ugly Betty episode 4.09, be-Shure, airs this Friday at 9/8c.