Ugly Betty Episode 4.08 Promo Pics!

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Let’s take a  break from all the Ugly Betty ratings/schedule/ending craziness (yes, I know Lost is not going to Wednesdays – but ABC hasn’t announced what IS, as far as I know). 

Let’s skip an episode – we have all week to talk about episode 4.07, Level(7) With Me.  Here is a cool video someone assembled from the promo pics for episode 4.08, The Bahamas Triangle (Warning -MUCHO SPOILERS!).

Warning to the hearing-enabled: this has a Shakira soundtrack.  🙂

Everyone looks incredible.  Vanessa Williams is gorgeous as usual.  Is that one-piece Becki Newton wearing at the :40 mark incredible or what?  It looks like they let Pat Field and crew go nuts.

One question I have: is this AFTER Daniel’s cult de-programming, or do you think the trip IS Daniel’s de-programming?  He just looks so lost in many of the photos.

The 1920’s flashback scene looks like it will be awesome.

Bigtime spoilers happening at the 2:12 mark.  Funny, the promo pics I’ve seen of Connor in the Bahamas had him kissing Wilhelmina on the beach – this is quite different.  I can’t WAIT to see how this plays out.

I did not see Matt Newton (Troy) in any of the photos – did I miss him?  (although the pic at 1:06 is probably from a scene between Troy and Marc – he looks quite enamored).

This is going to be the most incredible episode!